Introducing Pop Music (C46-003)



side a:
Sebastian Love – Visitor (cc by-nc-sa)
Foolk – Oak Tree (cc by-nc-sa)
Able8 – Scraggy Dog (cc by-nc-nd)
Zero Call – Say Hello To Devil (cc by-nc-sa)
We Draw A – Glimpse (cc by-nc-sa)
Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods – Interlude (cc by-nc-nd)

side b:
Smany – ・A・ (Trorez Remix) (cc by-nc-sa)
LuQus – Staring At The Sun (cc by-nc-sa)
Leroy Lee – Sweet Lady (Ears Remix) (cc by-nc-nd)
Anthony Drawn – No More (cc by-nc-sa)
Pick A Piper – All Her Colours (cc by-nc-sa)

Foto Credit: Flickr/Hudson Gardner // CC BY

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