For Beginners (C46-001)



side a:
Hot Fiction – No Soul (cc by-nc-nd)
Lil’ Daggers – Faces & Names (cc by-nc)
Zapruder Point – The Spokesperson For Winter (cc by-nc-sa)
Tiger Waves – From The Start (cc by-nc-nd)
Albino Father – God Help Us (cc by-nc-nd)
Joshua Burnside – Black Dog Sin (cc by-nd)

side b:
Dead Horse One – Alone (cc by-nc-nd)
Kat Boelskov – Everything (cc by-nc-sa)
Celebration – Shelter (cc by-nc-sa)
Street Joy – Laurel Hill (cc by-nc-nd)
The New Values – Everybody (cc by-nc-sa)
Ghostt Bllonde – Distant Dreaming (cc by-nc-sa)
Marc Neibauer – Say The Words (cc by-nc)
New Wives – Purge Surfing (cc by)

Foto Credit: Flickr/Rondostar // CC BY-SA

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