High Five (C46-005)



side a:
We Draw A – Silent Tide (CC BY-NC-SA)
Saint-Samuel – Partie 3 (Dans l’eau comme dans l’espace) (CC BY-NC-ND)
Ogi Feel The Beat – Possibility Of Mistake (CC BY-NC-ND)
Pitch Razahs – Mojave’s Embrace (CC BY-NC-ND)

side b:
T Bird – Hey Baby (CC BY-NC-SA)
Zomblaze – Fokkthatrain (CC BY-NC-ND)
Megatroid – Ego Grinding (CC BY-NC-ND)
Vintage Beats – Griffin (CC BY-NC-ND)
The Incognito Traveller – Petra 1:00 am (CC BY-NC-SA)
We Draw A – Close (CC BY-NC-SA)

Foto Credit: Flickr/woodleywonderworks // CC BY

Ghosts (C46-004)



A mixtape about ghosts. Happy Halloween!

side a:
Wintermitts – I Saw A Ghost (cc by-nc)
Red Box Recorder – Ghost Trio (cc by-nc-nd)
Jozz Scott – Ghost Ship (cc by-nc-sa)
Heinali – A Ghost Of A Chance (cc by-nc-sa)
Ghostofasong – Ou Inme (cc by-nc-sa)
Tarran The Tailor – Leave The World Behind (cc by-nc-sa)
Boy Omega – Ghost Theme (cc by-nc-sa)

side b:
Chapi Chapo & Les Petites Musiques De Pluie (cc by-nc-nd)
Ghost Beas – Did The Red Sea Part? (cc by-nc-nd)
Ellie Rumbold – These Ghosts (cc by-nc-nd)
Ghostt Bllonde – Suzanne (cc by-nc-sa)
Albino Father – Ghost Dad (cc by-nc-nd)
Radiator Hospital – Ghost Story (cc by-nc-nd)

Foto Credit: Flickr/Fuzzy Gerdes // CC BY

Introducing Pop Music (C46-003)



side a:
Sebastian Love – Visitor (cc by-nc-sa)
Foolk – Oak Tree (cc by-nc-sa)
Able8 – Scraggy Dog (cc by-nc-nd)
Zero Call – Say Hello To Devil (cc by-nc-sa)
We Draw A – Glimpse (cc by-nc-sa)
Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods – Interlude (cc by-nc-nd)

side b:
Smany – ・A・ (Trorez Remix) (cc by-nc-sa)
LuQus – Staring At The Sun (cc by-nc-sa)
Leroy Lee – Sweet Lady (Ears Remix) (cc by-nc-nd)
Anthony Drawn – No More (cc by-nc-sa)
Pick A Piper – All Her Colours (cc by-nc-sa)

Foto Credit: Flickr/Hudson Gardner // CC BY

Nightrider (C46-002)



side a:
Kodak To Graph – Departure (cc by-nc-sa)
Brandumize – Go (cc by-nc-sa)
Tricksters – Distance Is Nothing (cc by-nc-sa)
Eric Jackson – The Road Back Home (cc by-nc-nd)

side b:
Cars & Trains – Stay Awake (cc by-nc-nd)
The Global Optimistic – Night Moth (cc by-nc-sa)
Steven Smirney – Way Back Home (cc by-nc-nd)
Jenova 7 – Sunrise (cc by-nc-sa)
Forcefields – Bon Voyage (cc by-nc-nd)

Foto Credit: Flickr/Richo Fan // CC BY

For Beginners (C46-001)



side a:
Hot Fiction – No Soul (cc by-nc-nd)
Lil’ Daggers – Faces & Names (cc by-nc)
Zapruder Point – The Spokesperson For Winter (cc by-nc-sa)
Tiger Waves – From The Start (cc by-nc-nd)
Albino Father – God Help Us (cc by-nc-nd)
Joshua Burnside – Black Dog Sin (cc by-nd)

side b:
Dead Horse One – Alone (cc by-nc-nd)
Kat Boelskov – Everything (cc by-nc-sa)
Celebration – Shelter (cc by-nc-sa)
Street Joy – Laurel Hill (cc by-nc-nd)
The New Values – Everybody (cc by-nc-sa)
Ghostt Bllonde – Distant Dreaming (cc by-nc-sa)
Marc Neibauer – Say The Words (cc by-nc)
New Wives – Purge Surfing (cc by)

Foto Credit: Flickr/Rondostar // CC BY-SA